“DOMI VENTURA” breeding was created a few years ago, although the thought of setting up my own kennel was in my head from a long time 🙂 In my house there have always been dogs, my mum started with labrador breeding in 1994 🙂 Later we had a staffordshire bullterrier female, until finally in 2002, when we moved to a single family house to Piaseczno, I bought my first chihuahua – Gracja Lack Złote Iskierki.
At first I started to breed under my mum’s kennel name, but in the end I dared to take another step which is my own kennel name – Domi Ventura 🙂

Monti Piesek Chihuahua


Currently in my dog family are chihuahua girls and boys.
Chihuahua are addictive 🙂